Signs Of An Affair – Body Language Traits Of Affairs

Signs of an affair, the behaviour and body language traits that could mean your partner is thinking of or is being unfaithful. The body and it’s actions do not lie, even if their convincing words do.

If you think you have picked up on signs of an affair, most of the time your probably right. As subconsciously you have noticed a behaviour pattern change. But before you scream “cheat!” lets find out what could be going on and why. Then what do you do about it?

The first thing to do is to think about your relationship. Is your relationship a good one? If your relationship is going through a bad patch then your partner could be looking for ways to feel good. Attention from others could be what they’re after. Many are just happy with the attention but some take it that step too far and become seduced into actions they would otherwise not embark on.

Some even have affairs in relationships they are happy in, what they like is the challenge or the chase for a boost to the ego. Either way you need to know.

For signs of an affair, what you are looking for is a change of behaviour.

  • If your partner is suddenly hiding their phone or it’s always on silent.
  • If your partner is starting to pay more attention to how they look.
  • A sudden interest in going to the gym.
  • Extended periods away from home.
  • More nights out with friends or work that means time away from home.
  • Starting to act and behave younger, such as listening to pop or dance music.
  • Maybe a changed the type of food or drinks that will remind them of their new partner.
  • A loss of interest in sex with you.
  • He or she has started buying you gifts to alleviate guilt.
  • Unusual amounts of time on the internet.
  • They may smell different. Smells transfer very quickly even if perfume has been avoided, you’ll notice a new smell.
  • Making love feels different, suddenly your love making changes. This is because the last memory of this act was with someone who acted differently. This pattern will be stuck in their mind and this pattern will be played it out with you, without either of you knowing.
  • More aggressive behaviour & a sudden loss of respect.
  • Picking arguments out of nothing.
  • Eye patterns are another sign but I will write about this in my next post as this is a big topic.

What you are looking for is a combination of these traits, not just one thing. In isolation these signs of an affair could just be innocent attempts on self-improvement or a different problem such as a health issue.

Start to collect information before you start to accuse or question them.

Affairs is most cases are a sign of discontentment in the relationship, generally they are not in love with this new person, they just like how they feel about themselves when they are with them. If they are bored with their relationship then a new secret sexual partner is very exciting. The individual may not plan the affair it’s just that they are not feeling good about themselves in the context of their current relationship and they start to give off signals that they are available to others without realising.

It’s so critical to ensure your relationship is working and is not being taken for granted. If you spot any of these signs of an affair then try to find out what is going on fast before the person gets so fed up with the relationship that an affair seems like a good idea and the question of breaking from the relationship become a reality in their minds. At that point in the broken relationship the cost of an affair becomes less in their minds.

Whilst very few people think an affair is a something someone should embark on as it’s horrifically destructive, there are emotional reasons why people do it. Very often these actions are regretted and very often the regret is genuine, but that little consolation to the victim, and thus many relationship do not recover. Of course some do and their relationship becomes stronger but this is a very risky strategy to fix your relationship.

If you feel that any of the above describes you or your partner Then you need to make changes fast to the relationship so that an affair never becomes a possibility.