Emotional Affairs Turning Intimate – It Happens But Can Be Stopped

If you fear your spouse’s emotional affairs turning intimate and want to know how to stop them, then you are at the right webpage where you will find sufficient information to get you started right away. Specifically, we are going to take a look at why this happens, why it should be stopped, and how to stop it in this article. When you reach the end of it, you will be equipped with tools needed to prevent an emotional affair from turning intimate.

Emotional affairs turning intimate happen. Just imagine how you and your spouse started your relationship. You start with being friends. Then you get closer and closer mentally and physically. It happened naturally. If it happened to you, it could also happen to others. They admire each other, meet each other frequently and communicate with each other deeply. That is how a relationship develops. It means the affair when it happens to the married people.

“It should have been prevented!” Don’t become one who regrets with those words later on. No matter you are the cheater or the injured party, you will inevitably find out that you should have done something about it earlier. If you could find out about the emotional affair and take some effective steps a little bit earlier, you could have saved your marriage and relationship. In order to avoid regretting for it in the future, you should start to take care of your marriage as soon as possible.

The good news is that emotional affairs turning intimate CAN be prevented from developing further. After reading this article, you might want to pay more attention to your marriage status and care more about your spouse. Maybe you should start to read some self-help books about love and relationship. And you may also want to examine if you are not doing your best in satisfying your spouse in emotional connection.

If you find out that you or your spouse is on the verge of wetting the feet in an emotional affair, you should confront him or her immediately and request them to stop connection with the other man or woman. If you are the one who is on the verge of cheating, you should cut what you are doing clean. Changing your telephone number or moving to another place is necessary sometimes.

If you can not deal with what you are going through on your own, don’t forget that you can find help from experts online as well as offline.

Is Your Husband Having Emotional Affairs at Work?

Emotional affairs at work are getting very common nowadays. A recent study showed that about 70 percent of employed men are having an affair in their workplace. But this does not mean that you allow your husband to have this type of affair. In fact, you should act quickly because emotional infidelity usually leads to a sexual affair if not stopped right away.

Emotional infidelity occurs when a spouse, usually the husband, becomes emotionally attached or develops an emotional bond with another person in the opposite sex. They start sharing secrets, discover new things together and they enjoy spending time with each other. Your husband may even talk about things that he is not comfortable talking with you.

Even if there is really no physical intimacy between the two, emotional infidelity can ruin marriages because of the trust issues. There will be a lot of lying, deception and dishonesty. Faith is one of the foundations of a relationship and when this is violated, your marriage could go downhill.

Experts also believe that emotional infidelity is harder to stop. This is because emotional attachment is stronger than physical attraction. To some women, they even think that an emotional affair is worse than one-night stands. It is very devastating because it involves affection and a betrayal of the love.

Most of the time, the husband has no intention of cheating or to have emotional affairs at work. In fact, a survey on husbands who had an emotional affair shows that they even feel guilty and tried their best to stop it. But the problem is that a person’s feelings do not just go away over night. Getting over an emotional affair is a long and tedious process.

Emotional affairs at work happen because this is where men spend most of their time during the day. Yes, they spend more time with their office mates than with their family. They talk about their problems, they share ideas, and they even have lunch together. Initially, these are just innocent and friendly acts. But along the way, an emotional attachment begins to develop with and this is how emotional affairs at work usually begin.

Another reason why emotional affairs at work are very common is that your husband is surrounded by people he has similar interests with. They share the same passion and they have similar way of thinking. They easily become close with each other because they share common desires and goals.

Emotional affair is considered cheating because it involves lies, secrecy and intimacy. If your husband is doing things that he does not want you to see or know, then it is in some way a form of cheating. Deception is one of the key elements in cheating. The worse part about it is when your husband tries to deny the affair.

Aside from the workplace, the Internet is also a common place where infidelity occurs. Your husband could be mingling with an old friend, a colleague, or just anybody online. Technology can connect people wherever they are located and some websites offer services that could be used for emotional cheating.

Emotional Affairs Turning Intimate

Emotional affairs turning intimate is not unusual. In fact, psychologists and experts believe that emotional infidelity usually leads to a sexual relationship if it is not stopped right away. And that it is like a gateway to a physical one. The time frame as to when this happens depends on the proximity and the frequency of connection. For instance, a cheating husband and his co-worker talk and see each other everyday, then it won’t take long when their emotional affairs turning intimate. Another factor is the relationship of the husband with his wife. Are they getting along fine? Or are they still intimate with each other?

What usually happens is that the spouse develops an innocent friendship with someone of the opposite sex. They constantly talk and share different things – even personal things and secrets. They hang out almost every time or have lunch together and sometimes, there can even be flirting. Then suddenly, a deep emotional feeling grows within them. A feeling that makes them want to spend more time with each other.

There is also sexual attraction within them although they do not express it or show it. Even if the husband is making love with his wife, he still thinks of her.

This type of affair involves investing emotional attachment to the other person which you should have given to your wife. This usually results to a deeper connection between the husband and his special friend. This is why many believe that an emotional affair is cheating. It involves intimacy and romance. The cheating spouse is also being dishonest and deceiving to his wife.

The best way to stop this is to prevent the emotional affair in the first place. As soon as the husband is caught, he should be confronted right away. Counseling is very helpful if the situation has gotten worse. There are also online programs that deal with emotional affair.

Emotional affairs turning intimate usually happen when the wife does not do something about it. There should be a conscious effort on the wife to prevent it from occurring.